Feb 8, 2010


En Zul was introduced to MyCupcakes by a friend of mine, Sally. He wanted twenty five (25) pieces of MyCupcakes to have exactly those words as per this post's entry: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO ZULKIFLI.

Firstly, what a regal name for a boy. When we found out that I was pregnant, I instinctively knew that my baby was going to a boy.. Let's just call it a mommy's intuition... So we too did our homework trying to find the right name for the little one... then we found "EMIR" ... and that was it it... we fell in love with the name ... Well, just a little trivia for today =) After all, sharing is caring hehehe...

En Zul told me that little Leo was born four (4) years ago on 9.2 and hence the cupcakes are meant for his birthday celebration with his buddies at school... and here they are:

Thanks En Zul for the order!
Happy birthday Leo!

Later on En Zul said that Leo's Aunty also wanted some cupcakes for herself after finding out that Leo's getting some for his birthday. En Zul wanted five (5) but I thought it'd be nice to just add another one...

Enjoy the pictures!

Note: Leo's big birthday bash would be this coming 13.2.2010... am sooo looking forward to MyCupcakes' birthday cake project for Leo! Cant wait to see the outcome!


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