Jan 1, 2010

For En Halim

I did a post mortem of what went wrong with MyCupcakes for En Halim and with Raynee's assistance I have summed up that... I believe that it is case of me seeing "A" in my head.... but in actual fact it was "B" that's envisioned in his mind. And I never ever want that to happen again. This is another wake up call for me.

I followed the orders to-the-T... Based on emails between me and Raynee who extended the order on behalf of En Halim. Apparently the list of what he wanted was based on pictures posted in my blog of my previous orders... (and the pictures were not specifically stated in the emails). Hence the truth in A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING. I know that now and the full meaning of the same in my context.

So, basically he did not get what he had envisioned when I delivered what I had in mind/thought he wanted. So it was a total misunderstanding on both parties and poor Raynee ... was stuck in amidst of the hillu-billuu huu ha-ness and my kamboh-ness of trying to figure out what went wrong and when a customer is not happy ... basically MyCupcakes is NOT happy... and I never ever want that to happen again...

I am sharing this not because I want to highlight what went wrong nor do I intend to mean any harm to anyone whatsoever... esp to En Halim of any sort ... but so it is a reminder and lesson to me to ensure that this will never ever happen again... In actual fact I should not be telling people that I did something wrong, what would that do to the MyCupcakes' name and credibility right logically speaking ... but I have to be honest with myself and my peeps ... and as Erwin repeatedly say to sooth my anxiety state at that point in time... it is always a lesson and a way to improve myself...

I love doing this... and what does cupcakes and cakes do to people? It should mean celebration! Happy happy joy joy right? ... and not this ...

There was also no request for clear window box - which was assumed as part of the package. This could have been avoided if the request has been made to me... nonetheless I believe this is in its entirety my fault as... it is still hard to maneuver around my blog when it comes to finding details on how to order etc etc... and I did not update the same with regards to extra charges with it comes to the clear window box....

... which is exactly why I am taking the time off to come up with better details in my blog with regards to pricing, how to order etc... This is because when customers do not specifically request for that box, hence all MyCupcakes will be packed in the normal cake box - free of charge. But if a request is made, then (subject to availability), they shall be packed in that clear window box and price of box shall apply accordingly.

Anyways, I am glad that I have sorted this out... I have to move on and have a clear conscience to start afresh in this journey of mine. What a year it has been...

Anyways, Raynee told me that I got En Halim to smile with these:

Am happy!



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