Dec 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to Ms Suszainne Farelisya Ahmed Shahriman

Emir's first cousin, Suszainne Farelisya was born on 3.12.2007 (just 2 months older than Emir who was born on 28.2.2008) and when her parents told me that there was going to be a makan-makan so I said I'd bake her a birthday cake cum birthday gift from me, Erwin and Emir.

Here it is peeps:

9" x 9" square pan
chocolate chiffon cake (RM65)
With vanilla buttercream frosting
with edible image to add RM30
Each fondant lettering - RM0.20 each
for further deco/requests - do inform us and we can always give you a quote - or you can always give us your budget and we could work something out k!
Enjoy the pictures!

Happy birthday "O-jen" from Wa Nor, Wa Win & Emir



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