Dec 20, 2009

For 3 year old Aisya Sofea

My junior from school Raynee ordered MyCupcakes' 1kg baked cheese cake for her daughter, the little sweetheart Aisya Sofea to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

For my cheese cake I only deco the same using fresh whipped cream as it compliments the taste of the cheesecake and due to the slightly busy schedule of mine during Raynee's request I told her that I couldnt do any detailed decoration for Aisya and could only do simple deco for her and she said ok.

So here it is:

The little sweetheart came along to pick up her birthday cake too =)
Happy bday dear!

Muah muah from
Aunty Anor

Raynee told me that she saw me at Normah Medical Specialist Centre ... so I told her that the next time she sees me there.. do say Hi (that applies to all readers/cupcakes peeps who may recognise me from our dealings) ... cause once I'm there bringing my son for his shot or whatnots... I am and would be oblivious to the world ... cause i'd be busy chasing the little ultraman who has discovered that he can now run very fast...


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