Nov 4, 2009

Double combo order by Kak Irma

Kak Irma and her staff ordered twelve (12) pieces of MyCupcakes for a "birthday boy" (referring to Hj Julaihi) and that requested for the wordings HAPPY BDAY HJ JULAIHI and that he likes gadgets like iMAC, a Liverpool fan, a tennis player and he loves HONDA.

Actually peeps, it makes the job so much easier if you can provide me details of what are the fav things of MyCupcakes' recipients... specify what colour you want... any specific writings... it makes the cupcakes more personalised and a sure hit with the recipients coz those are his or her fav things ...

Here they are:

Kak Irma also ordered six (6) pieces of MyCupcakes with fresh cream for own makan2 (just in case the bday boy decided to bring his bday cuppies home and NOT share hahahha). Contingency cupcakes. I like that.

Here they are:

Thank Kak Irma for the order.
Enjoy the pictures!


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