Nov 8, 2009

Cupcakes for HAPPY SUPER 17th bday to ESTHER

Esther (who happens to be a student of Mdm Azura of MRSM) ordered twelve (12) pieces of MyCupcakes for her bday and initially, since I was busy over the weekend with Aizat's rainbow cake and his masterpiece' order cupcakes... I told her that I could only take her order for the coming Monday .... but she repeatedly ask whether I can do it for her on Sunday.. Sigh... I couldnt say NO to people... so I said yes...

I just had to make this note:
For A 17 year old her mannerism is very good and she was very polite and courteous throughout her ordering.. this is what I gathered as much from her calls and sms... very good! I am always happy to see a youth with good mannerism and having a child of your own (Dont I sound ancient saying this?) .. I do hope that Erwin and I will be able to raise a good boy.... Insya Allah... and Amin... =)

Anyways here they are:


She was happy when she lifted the box and saw what I did for her. Her face practically lit up!
For that I am happy too =)


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