Oct 31, 2009

Order1 and Order2 by Atul

Atul ordered ten (10) pieces of MyCupcakes for her own makan-makan and requested for a black and red theme and that she left all the decoration to me. As we are all aware, cash deposit machines still does not accept the new plastic RM5 note, so her friend banked in RM30 for her and I was supposed to refund RM5 to her on the day of pick up (which I did prepare and even put the same in a Raya angpow packet). But I forgot to pass it to her friend who came to pick up the cupcakes on her behalf and she too forgot to remind her friend of the same.

So sweet Atul said that since a friend would be celebrating a birthday the week after, she said she would order the same amount with the same deco and that means she just need to top RM20 for the order which is just fine by me.

So here they are:


Order2 (the week after)

Thanks Atul for the order.
Was nice taking orders from you...


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