Sep 15, 2009


Hi peeps....

The un-revealing of the huuuu-haaaa ness of my previous EXCITEMENT EXCITEMENT entry.... jeng jeng jeng

TA-DA!!!! (drum roll please.....)

MyCupcakes' very first and very own fondant figurine:

what do you think peeps?

For an amateur and a first timer at this...

i would say....

Not bad eh *wink wink

MyCupcakes' Karaoke Boy

Mas, all the way from Bintulu e-mailed me and wanted me to do some fondant figurine to be given as a birthday gift and requested very specific fondant figurine as per this blog

I am so thrilled by this kind of order because honestly I am in awe with how masterful this people are with fondant that they can basically create anything and everything from this gunk of sugar called fondant. The details is mind blowing and for someone asking me to do this is indeed an honour and of course and opportune to see whether I can do it or not.

So I told Mas that I cannot promise anything unless and until I give it a shot first and give her a sample of my work.

So, imagine this... me alone in my kitchen..... in the cold of the night.... (so the drama)... armed with cornflour and my fondant tools and the blob of fondant in front of me and with Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim and ... actually with such glee in my heart.... I proceed ..... and here it is peeps!

But of course I had to wake Erwin up in the middle of the night to show him my work! =)

Will put up more pictures later cause Mas wanted me to do a PRINCE figurine and a boy in a car.

As I said Excitement Excitement!

Till then peeps... take care =)



Anonymous said...

Hi, i've eaten many of your delicious cupcakes. Last night i saved 2 pieces for sahur, and you can't imagine the feeling of puttiing them in the mouth. I love cupcakes, biscuits and big appple donut but guess who wins over big apple now!!!

My Cupcakes by Anor (Kuching Sarawak) said...


really?! waaah.. MyCupcakes vs Big Apple donut... thank you, what a nice thing to say and am so glad that you enjoyed our cupcakes.. and thanks for your orders and support.. we're so touched!

we will try to upgrade our recipe and our deco

in the mean time, do follow our blog for any news and updates k


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