Aug 31, 2009

VIRGO themed cupcakes for Siti

Throughout my journey in this cupcake adventures, I have made many new friends and one of them is Siti, the Queen of Brownie.

Check out her website people!

We had a series of correspondences vide facebook messaging, cupcakes and brownies related, among others... and it turned out Siti's birthday was only 3 days apart from my own... only that she's far more ancient than me wink wink..

Anyhow, we got to saying that one day I might just bake for her and oppurtune knocks of course, Siti's birthday is just around the corner. So I thought it'd be nice to give some of MyCupcakes with a VIRGO theme as she was born on the month of August.

So here they are:

Happy birthday Siti!


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