Aug 3, 2009

Tennis cupcakes for RAZMEE RAWI's birthday

Remember Razmee Rawi, the 17 year old tennis player who ordered MyCupcakes for his Coach Dudez as a parting gift? Well, it's his birthday on 1.8.2009 and he ordered twenty (20) pieces of MyCupcakes for his birthday and of course.... what else? with tennis theme of course.

Happy birthday Razmee!!!

Being a nice boy that he is I decided to give him some birthday gift - tennis racquet, wrist guard (Nike) and tennis balls..

Tennis racquet and tennis ball

Wrist band (Nike ... dont play play hahaha)

Close up of the wrist band

Tennis balls (made of fondant)

Note: I have prepared this draft sooo much earlier but then again I had to wait for the edited pictures from MyCupcakes' technical advisor/photographer who had to wait for the pictures from my sister's handphone. Took quite a while that Razmee thought I didnt blog about his birthday cupcakes on purpose.. how can aaa... Sorry for the delay Razmee.. technical matters only...

So here they are:

Mixed flavour (Choc and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting)


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