Aug 31, 2009

MyCupcakes for Alia

My friend Azlina called me and told me her 3 year old daughter, Alia wants some of MyCupcakes for herself after seeing the decorations I did for Uun and wanted the same design for herself, so Mummy Azlina ordered ten (10) pieces of MyCupcakes for Alia and told me whenever it is ready she'll come by and pick up.

Then later on sent me another sms telling me that I have to make them real sooooon.... as Alia has been asking her like the a million times when the cupcakes would be ready!

I made sure the cuppies are as cute as possible just like Alia. When Azlina came to pick up MyCupcakes for Alia, she took a peek at the cuppies inside the box and I asked whether she liked them, she nodded shyly.... owwwhhh....

Here they are:

Enjoy the cupcakes Alia!


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