Jun 6, 2009

Handbag girlie stuff lipstick for Kak Irma - Fun Fun

Last Sun (31.5), Erwin's cousin's wife, Kak Irma sms-ed me requesting for twelve (12) pieces of MyCupcakes for the next Saturday and the happy happy and fun fun thing about her request was that she wanted to have fondant decorations - handbags, high heels, lipstick and some other girlie stuff!

Uuuuhhh... i just luuuurve this kind of requests!

Too short of a time but lucky me, it was gawai holidays yeay! so I had time to do fondant handbags etc for Kak Irma and was so looking forward to assembling all her items on MyCupcakes!

Just a note of reminder, I love to cater to this kind of requests but kindly give me ample time to enable me deliver to you as per your requests - the best and one of a kind of "special request" of MyCupcakes.

So here they are:

The handbags

My Fav! With the tiny little pocket and heart in front.

I would like to have more details on my handbags .... zip/stitching/designer labels hehehe..

I just had to do the bikini...

The whole ensemble

Enjoy the pictures!


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