May 24, 2009

Red Black Sexy MyCupcakes for Hot Mama Syer

Syer ordered 12 pieces of MyCupcakes for her own consumption and requested them to be red black and white and have it sexy looking... ;) and here they are:

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting
Actually I felt kinda shy-shy hahaha cause of the bikinis I made for Syer... coz MyCupcakes above were also eaten by Syer's parents and hubby... kwang kwang kwang
So the drama haha
I am happy that I "stumbled" (destined to try?) upon this cupcakes endeavour cause I get to make new friends, got in touch with old friends and found out new things like how much Syer loves her cupcakes (but without the deco)!

Thanks Syer for your input and comments on MyCupcakes. Will strive to bake and do better of course!


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