May 14, 2009

I just couldnt say NO

On 14.5.2009, Kak Meem ordered thirty (30) pieces of MyCupcakes for Ika's party at school for teachers's day on 15.5.2009. Ok do-able. Have set mind and time to complete the order despite the "last minute" order.

On the same day, Zack, a friend/my junior back in uni who lives in Miri came down to Kuching to attend to a case insisted that she would like to have five (5) pieces just for herself. She is flying back to Miri on the 15.5.2009 and we agreed on the arrangement that she'll be picking them up from my office around noon. And I said ok since I am baking for Kak Meem.

Later in the afternoon,on the same day I got a call from Azlina who also wanted five (5) for herself. Azlina who is seven (7) month heavily pregnant used the one word that no one can say NO to a pregnant lady... "mengidam" (craving) and she even said so long as she can just taste some she'd be fine... And I said ok since I am baking for Kak Meem (she came over last night picking them up around 10-ish - i baked MyCupcakes REALLY big/overflowing the rim purposely for her and baby hahaha).

I just don't have the heart to say NO to Zack and Azlina!

(The thing was I was afraid that I couldn't complete the order due to the lack of time/last minute orders - but then again, I managed to bake 40 pieces of MyCupCakes and some extra for own consumption at home all in just a few hours!) ... Cause I only started baking after I came back from work
(Felt like i was climbing Mount Kinabalu and am almost to the top and the only thing that is keeping me going is my will... hahaha so the drama...)

Atleast the no of pieces of MyCupcakes ordered was just an extra 10 pieces only...

But it was a good experience and a good reminder for me: I have to say NO if need be of me depending on the situation at hand.

Hope they enjoy MyCupcakes and as usual am in anticipation waiting for reviews!

Here they are:

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting
Five (5) pieces for Zack

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting

Five (5) pieces for Azlina


zackzara said...

I am still salivating *in mind* by just looking at ur lovely pics of cuppies..and dayemmm.. I want more!

Pls say yes to me ok. :)

A BIG THANK YOU SO MUCH for ur kind thoughts, Sis.

Everyone else - pls have a try at her cupcakes. She bake well, and talented too!

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